Here below, the video about the construction progress of SIBUR MAN Plant dated last winter (English subtitles)


Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of Russia in the Urals Federal District, Vladimir Yakushev, and Governor of the Tyumen Region, Alexander Moor, have recently visited the Tobolsk site of Sibur - the ZapSibNeftekhim plant.

More than 70% of the equipment has already been installed at the construction site of a plant for the production of maleic anhydride (MAN) with a capacity of 45 thousand tons of products per year, the company's press service reported.

The construction will be completed within the end of 2021.

"The pandemic did not stop construction. All measures are being taken at the construction site to ensure the safety and health of employees in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic," the words of Igor Klimov, General Director of ZapSibNeftekhim.


The MAN will be produced using CONSER technology, which was chosen by SIBUR as the most advanced and environmentally friendly, having at the same time the lowest production cost.

One of the last installed equipment is a compressor unit for supplying atmospheric air to the MAN synthesis unit. In addition to the compressor unit and the reaction unit, the MAN plant under construction will include: an absorption unit, a regeneration unit, a desorption unit, a steam generation unit, a storage unit for solid MAN, as well as its own substation, control room and a cooling tower.


The production of a high-margin product using its own raw materials (butane) will allow Sibur to increase the depth of hydrocarbon processing in Russia, completely cover the import of MAN and establish its export supplies to the markets of Europe and the Middle East, the company said.

The construction of a modern MAN production facility will also create additional opportunities for the development of domestic industries which will use MAN as raw material: construction, automotive, paints and varnishes and other industries.




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- Published on 13th April 2021




Here below, the video about SIBUR MAN Plant with a few words from Vladimir Mishin, Project Manager (Russian language only)


The erection of SIBUR maleic anhydride (MAN) production facility, licensed by CONSER, is progressing swiftly at the construction site of Tobolsk, Russia. The project execution begun at the end of 2018 under CONSER supervision, and, despite the slowdown due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, the start-up of the first MAN Plant in Russia is expected at the end of 2021. "Now all the main equipment: columns, tanks, pumps, heat exchangers and fans - is at the construction site and is being installed in accordance with the schedule" the press service of SIBUR's Tobolsk enterprises reported last November 2020.

Steel structures and up to 80% of equipment are Russian-made. Specific units and assemblies that are not yet produced domestically, including the main synthesis unit, have been ordered abroad.“You cannot buy specific equipment for MAN production in Russia,” says Vasily KAZAKOV, head of maleic anhydride production. “SIBUR is a pioneer in this topic, nobody produces MAN in Russia yet”. The key piece of the Plant – the MAN Reactor - arrived in Tobolsk last August 2020. The Synthesis Unit - 7.5 meters high, 9 meters in diameter and weighing 600 tons -, in which the main reaction of butane oxidation will take place, was assembled by MAN Energy Solutions in the German city of Deggendorf. From there, the equipment was delivered to Antwerp, then along the Northern Sea Route to the port of Sabetta, and the last segment of the route to the Tobolsk industrial port it covered along the Ob and Irtysh. Finally, the transportation of the oversized equipment from the industrial port to the construction site was managed by NIPIgaspererabotka – the leading Russian company engaged by SIBUR for the MAN Plant engineering services.In total, after travelling about 5000 kilometers, the process of delivering the oversized cargo to the construction site took about three months.

The MAN production capacity in Tobolsk will amount to 45 thousand tons per year. The finished product at the plant will be produced in two phases - liquid, which is then transported to tank containers, and solid, formed into briquettes or pastilles. 

Currently, maleic anhydride is not produced in Russia. The demand on the Russian market is 6 thousand tons per year, which is covered by imports. SIBUR expects to completely cover the import of maleic anhydride and to establish its export supplies to the markets of Europe and Turkey. Maleic Anhydride is widely used in various fields from automotive and shipbuilding to pharmaceuticals. It is used in the production of films, synthetic fibers, varnishes and paints, as well as in the food industry (malic acid is derived from maleic anhydride). 

The Italian process licensing company CONSER became the licensor of the MAN production technology, whose technical solutions, as a result of the analysis carried out by SIBUR, were selected as the most advanced and environmentally friendly, having at the same time the lowest production cost. In fact, CONSER technology features, such as the high efficiency of the absorption process and the off-gas recycle, allow to reduce the consumption of raw butane feedstock and to increase the production of maleic anhydride. Moreover, like other petrochemical plants of SIBUR in Tobolsk, the MAN plant will have a closed production cycle, and thus any possible negative impact of production on the environment and human health will be minimized.  



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- Published on 11th February 2021






西布尔公司马来酸酐项目经理弗拉基米尔·米辛(Vladimir Mishin)发表评论说:“我们选择CONSER作为该项目的专利商是由于其马来酸酐生产技术的先进性。其先进的技术和独特设备防止对环境的负面影响。该项目的设计文件已经获得国家专家评审委员会的批准,公众讨论的结果也确认该项目完全符合相关的环保法律和法规。”





SIBUR has launched the construction of a maleic anhydride (MAN) production facility at SIBUR Tobolsk.

With a planned capacity is 45 ktpa, the facility is scheduled to go online in 2021, bringing new high-tech jobs to the market.

MAN is currently not produced in Russia and domestic demand is covered by imports. Launching the high-margin MAN will enable SIBUR to monetise its own feedstock (butane), improve the hydrocarbon processing rate in Russia, fully substitute MAN imports, and start MAN exports to Western and Eastern Europe and Turkey. In addition, a state-of-the-art Russian MAN production facility will provide new development opportunities for many domestic industries. As part of the Tobolsk production site, the new facility will enjoy ease of access to its infrastructure and feedstock flows, gaining more competitive power.

MAN Project Manager Vladimir Mishin commented: “We chose CONSER as the licensor for the project thanks to its cutting-edge MAN production technology. State-of-the-art technology and unique equipment prevent negative impact on the environment. The secured approval of the design documents by the state expert review board and the results of the public discussions confirm that the project fully complies with environmental laws and regulations.”

SIBUR has engaged NIPIgaspererabotka, a leading Russian centre for facility design, supply, logistics and construction, to develop the project engineering solutions. Russian contractors, including those based in the Tyumen Region, will be selected for construction and installation.

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- Published on 14th December 2018