Welcome To CONSER S.p.A. ...


Innovation is essential for any successful R&D project.
For this reason we are keen to provide all the necessary support to your new projects and ideas.


Our expertise will help in adapting your business to new markets and technological opportunities.


We manage and follow every step of process development.
From the lab tests to the pilot plant of new processes.


CONSER is devoted to research activities for the development of new processes and technologies


CONSER has always been standing out in the scene of Italian process engineering companies for its faith in research, shown by its ceaseless investments in this field.

All the technologies we offer are fully and deeply developed, from the laboratory scale to the full commercialization scale, in order to provide to the clients the most advanced feasible and cost-effective solution.

As main of the result of our intense activity of research, CONSER developed several patent applications, to protect its intellectual property.

CONSER’s latest research efforts to improve different systems and processes include:

• Epichlorohydrin (ECH and ECH-EF)

Maleic Anhydride (MAN)

1,4 Butandiol (BDO)

Tetrahydrofuran (THF)

Gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL)

Propylene Oxide (CHPO and HPPO)

Methyl-Isobutyl-Ketone (MIBK)

Butyl-Rubber and Halo-Butyl Rubber (IIR/HIIR)

Bio-Succinic Acid’s Derivatives

Process development is achieved through ongoing research activity, with the goal of successful commercialization, evaluating alternative competitive routes, capital and operating costs, environmental sustainability and inherent process safety.

CONSER is keen to cooperate with producing companies to transform innovative ideas into new or improved processes, allowing to meet the industry’s stringent demands of tomorrow.

R&D activities are run in association with producing companies, qualified laboratories and research centres.

Among them, the most prestigious Italian universities: