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CONSER helps organizations achieve the highest standards of manufacturing excellence with an integrated comprehensive approach to process design, safety and sustainability.

With over 50 years of experience in the Industrial Sector and its ceaseless faith in Research, CONSER is able to deliver up-to-date and creative solutions tailored to the client needs.

The services provided by CONSER include: Advanced Technologies Licensing and Process Design, R&D, Operation Analysis, De-bottlenecking and Revamping.

In addition to a unique portfolio of petrochemical licenses and technologies, CONSER is now able to provide additional industrial consulting services like HSE, Energy Saving opportunities, and solutions for the mitigation of the Environmental Impact of plant operations.


Engineering solutions for people, by people

Our vision is focused on enhancing human life through modern technology and innovation, providing sustainable processes to preserve the environment. Our dedication and passion are devoted to the achievement of higher technology advancements.

Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of exceptional designs and services in order to lead the change towards a bright future, augmenting human potential.


Leading the change in the process engineering design

CONSER, as an independent process engineering design company, is devoted to the build up and license of advanced technologies. We focus on processes development, driving forward to meet customer requirements.
CONSER stands out in the scene of Italian process engineering companies for its faith in research, shown by its ceaseless investments in this field.
The company reputation and success is confirmed by the excellent performances of the plants brought on stream following its design and the satisfaction of the clients that have chosen CONSER.

With the aim to provide a service with optimum quality characteristics, all the project phases are managed. Starting with feasibility studies, process development, licensing of processes and know–how transfer, process design package preparation, supervision of detailed engineering and construction, we follow our client up to and including assistance to initial start-up. This is valid both for new plants and for existing plants which requires debottlenecking to improve performances and enhance profitability.


In 2019 CONSER celebrated the anniversary of 50 YEARS IN TECHNOLOGIES


CONSER was founded in Rome at the end of 1969, by a group of engineers coming from CTIP, which at that time represented the highest expression in the field of chemical engineering companies in Italy. The founders were young engineers, each one with different skills: Salvatore Cassarino, expert in petrochemical technologies, Luigi Sibilia and Aldo Appetiti, experts in refinery field, and Amedeo Mencuccini, expert in software applied to chemical engineering. Their desire was to create an engineering company focused on thr process design and technologies development rather than on the detailed engineering and construction of industrial plants. Until today, CONSER has remained loyal to this principle, distinguishing itself from other Italian engineering companies operating in the same sector.


The seventies were the years of growth, both in petrochemical and refinery, with more than 300 new projects. Some of those in close collaboration, for what is relevant to technology development and design, with the Italian company SIR. In this period some of the most important technologies in our portfolio were born, among which: Epichlorohydrin (ECH), Propylene Oxide (PO) and Butyl Rubber (IIR).
It is significant that in 1975 Flavio Simola started his professional career in CONSER, becoming the actual CEO and technology director.


During this decade of great boost in the refinery field, CONSER gained a high level of professional experience and ability, with hundreds of projects for the most important Italian refineries, such as Eni-Agip, Saras, Isab-Erg, Api etc., sometimes in collaboration with other important licensing companies, such as Uop, Mobil, Shell, Union Carbide etc.. Moreover, during the second half of the decade CONSER became active in the petrochemical technologies licensing field, holding contracts in Brasil, Korea and the Middle East.


The activities were expanded all over the world through a network of partners and agents, by licensing technologies to some of the most important industrial companies, among which Bayer in USA, Hanwha Chemical Corporation in Korea and Sinopec in China.
In the second half of this decade CONSER, in cooperation with Sisas group, focused its research and development in petrochemical processes in Italy and Belgium. The company’s portfolio was expanded with the upgrading of Trimellitic Anhydride and Isophthalic Acid technologies, together with Maleic Anhydride (MAN) technology, one of CONSER leading technologies, and a wide spectrum of its derivatives, such as Butanediol (BDO), Tetrahydrofuran (THF), Gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL), n-Methyl Pyrrolidone (NMP) and the THF polymer (PTMEG).


During these years the company had a generational shift in management, however, holding onto the experience and the ideas of some of the founders, CONSER increased its international activities, especially in China and the whole East Asia, and gained important license contracts for ECH, both from propylene and glycerine, MAN and PTMEG.

2010 until today

This decade was characterized by a further prestigious international growth, with important projects such as Butyl/Bromobutyl Rubber (IIR/BIIR) and Maleic Anhydride (MAN) in China, as well as Maleic Anhydride and its downstream derivative products in Russia.

Significative is the P.R. China Government Friendship Award to Flavio Simola, CONSER’s CEO and Managing Director, in 2013.

Moreover, the research and development activities, the pride of CONSER, took new strength and primary importance, growing independently from the manufacturers companies partnership.

Hence new processes in the field of renewable raw materials and products are developed, while traditional processes are reviewed, by means of an evolutionary process from both technological and environmental point of view.

In 2019 CONSER celebrated the anniversary of 50 YEARS IN TECHNOLOGIES.
Italian Celebration at Palazzo Colonna, Rome: http://www.conserspa.com/index.php/en/component/k2/item/125-30-09-2019-conser-celebrate-50-years-anniversary-of-successful-activities-at-palazzo-colonna-rome
Chinese Celebration at Rosewood Hotel, Beijing: http://www.conserspa.com/index.php/en/component/k2/item/133-02-12-2019-italian-petrochemical-licensor-conser-celebrates-its-50-years-jubilee-in-beijing-to-mark-the-friendship-and-cooperation-with-china

“In its fifty-year history the company has grown and changed considerably, but the principles that inspired its foundation have remained unaltered.” Mr. Flavio Simola, CONSER Managing Director.

Over 150 satisfied clients around the world



  • 50 Years of Experience
  • Over 500.000 metric Tonnes of chemicals produced, per year, by Conser technology worldwide
  • Over 30 countries currently hosting Conser technologies
  • Over 150 satisfied clients around the world
  • 50 up to date and optimised technologies licenses

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