Gasoline and Light Ends Units

CONSER has wide and proven experience in the design of distillation systems for refinery applications with particular concern to Gasoline and Light Ends products.
The know how acquired through years of experience permits CONSER to select the best arrangement, optimizing product quality and operating costs.
Typical projects carried out by CONSER include:

• Design of new units
• Revamping and modernization studies
• Optimization of gasoline splitting to obtain isomerization feed cut
• Optimization of gasoline splitting to minimize benzene precursors in reformer feed
• Splitting of reformate gasoline
• Propane/propylene splitters with/without heat pump
• Optimum arrangement for maximum LPG recovery
• Optimization of operating conditions for energy saving and/or increased capacity


Number of Projects 61
Splitting propane/propylene 5
Splitting n-butane/isobutane 3
Gasoline stabilizer 21
Gasoline rerun 13
Deisopentanizer 5
Other units  14




Project type Revamping
Service  Reforming Feed Splitter
Feed Rate, T/h 77
C6 in btm prod., % wt 0.12 max
C7 in Isom. feed, % wt 1.4 max
Column Diameter, mm 3500
Project type New unit
Service  Reformate Splitting
Feed Rate, T/h 121
C6A in Gasoline   
Feed  4.2% Vol
Product  1.5% wt max
Yield  90% min
Columns Diameter, mm 1900/2500 & 2900
Project type New unit
Service  Propane/Propylene Splitter
Feed Rate, T/h 13.3
Propylene recovery, % 90 min
Propylene purity, % 99.5 min
Column Diameter, mm 3300

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