Crude Distillation Unit

CONSER offers technology for the complete design (Basic Process Book) of Topping units.
In addition to process design for new units, Topping projects carried-out by CONSER would typically include the following technical aspects:

  • Design of units with different crude feedstock ranging from Middle East to North African and South American
  • Debottlenecking and innovation studies
  • Optimization of plant operating conditions specifically tailored to the Client’s or to the market requirements
  • Heat recovery analysis for energy saving
  • Optimization of the thermal profile in the main fractionator for maximum recovery of distillate up to 410°C TBP cut on crude
  • Improvement of unit reliability


Number of Projects 82
Number of Units 27
Capacity Range From 10000 to 250000 BPSD





The crude charge is preheated, desalted, partially flashed and further preheated in an exchanger train by heat recovery from products and reflux streams. A heater provides additional heat: the inlet temperature is typically in the range of 260-290°C and the outlet temperature ranges from 350 to 390°C. The heater effluent enters a Topping column where fractionation occurs resulting in a light naphtha stream from the overhead while heavy naphtha, kerosene, light gasoil and heavy gasoil are produced as side streams. Reduced crude is obtained from the bottom of the column. Products rate and quality depends on crude characteristics and on operating conditions which are selected as per project requirements.


Project type Revamping  Revamping  Revamping 
Capacity, BPSD 65000  45000  90000
Crude  M. East Libyan  M. East
Distillate TBP CUT, °C 370 – 421 – 360 – 
Scope  Energy Saving  Energy Saving  Energy Saving 
    Capacity Increase Distillate Yield Improvement



Fuel consumption - 15% -23% -26%
Capacity - +13% -
Distillate Yield +0.3% - +3%



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