Catalytic Cracking

CONSER offers relevant experience and know-how in revamping of Catalytic Cracking units by a deep practical knowledge of the effects of the operating parameters in the reaction and fractionation sections.
Catalytic cracking projects carried-out by CONSER include:
• Revamping and modernization studies
• Improvement of product fractionation
• Optimization of gas concentration section to maximize LPG recovery
• Arrangement of main fractionation system to improve products quality and capacity by debottlenecking of gas compressor performances
• High purity propylene production by low level heat available from process stream


Number of Projects 24
Number of Units 7
Capacity Range From 20000 to 55000 BPSD






Reactor effluent is quenched and fractionated in the Main Tower producing gases and light naphtha (LCN) as overhead products. Heavy Naphtha and LCO are obtained as sidestreams and HCGO cut from the bottom of the Main Tower.
Gas is compressed, recontacted with LCN and washed by lean oil circulation in order to maximize LPG recovery.
LCN cut is then deethanized and debutanized: LPG are fractionated into propylene, propane, butenes and butanes in a sequence of distillation columns.


Project type FCC revamping FCC revamping
Capacity, BPSD 43000 34000
Feed type S.R. VGO HDS VGO
Project Scope max C3- recovery
incr. cap. to 52000 BPSD
 incr. capacity
high purity C3-

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