Naphtha HDT-Catalytic Reforming

CONSER offers technology for the complete design (Basic Process Book) of Naphtha HDT/Catalytic Reforming units.
The CONSER process is supported by a relevant experience and know how in design and by a deep knowledge of the performances of proven catalysts in different operating conditions.
HDT/Reforming projects carried out by CONSER typically include the following:

• Design of new units
• Revamping and modernization studies
• Evaluation of influence of cracked naphtha on the performances of HDT unit
• Evaluation of influence of operating pressure on the performances of Reforming unit


Number of Projects 33
Number of Units 12
Capacity Range From 10000 to 20000 BPSD






a.- Hydrotreating
Feed and hydrogen rich gas are mixed and heated to reactor temperature by heat recovery and process heater. A catalytic fixed-bed reactor is used for desulphurization, denitrogenation and olefines saturation. The reactor effluent is cooled and separated:
the hydrogen rich gas is recyled to the reaction section and treated gasoline is fed to a stabilizer column to remove light ends. The stabilized gasoline is further fractionated into a light gasoline stream, adequate for C-C isomerization feed, and a heavy gasoline fraction which is fed to a catalytic reforming unit.
b.- Catalytic Reforming
Preheated feedstock is mixed with hydrogen-rich gas and is fed to a reaction section consisting of three reactors in series with inter-heaters supplying the heat duty of the endothermic reaction. The reactor effluent is cooled and separated. The hydrogen produced by the reaction is separated and used in other hydrotreating units. The reformate gasoline is stabilized and pumped to storage tank.



Project type HDT/RC New Unit HDT Revamping
Capacity, BPSD 20000/16000 20000
Feed  S.R./Cracked mix  
Pressure Kg/cm2 35/21 50
Stabilized Gasoline,    
RVP, psia 6 -
RONC  100  -

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