CONSER has devoted considerable efforts in the upgrading and modernization of existing steam cracker units.
The experience and know how accumulated on design and on operational parameters under varying conditions provides CONSER with a relevant position in the art of olefin technology upgrading.




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The experience of CONSER in ethylene plant design and revamping extends over more than 30 years.

Design features which have been incorporated in existing plants include the following:

• Optimum recovery of the heat available from the pyrolysis furnace effluent stream
• Addition of low level waste heat recovery facilities
• Improved integration of the heat requirements in the process with the heat available in the quench system
• Reduction of pressure drop at the interstages of the compression system
• Increase of the number of the distillate and condensate strippers to reduce the
recycle to the compressor system
• Improved demethanized feed system by multifeed chilling and prefractionation to
decrease refrigeration duties
• Incorporation of turboexpander - recompressor in the demethanizer overhead to
reduce the cryogenic refrigeration load
• Reduce the consumption of energy in the deethanizer by increasing the number of
trays and using inter-reboiler
• Increase the efficiency of the ethylene fractionation tower employing external refrigeration circuits for reboiling and condensing
• Improved selective hydrogenation systems
• Improved integration of the process units with the utilities systems
• Improved valorization of the co-products as polymer grade propylene, C4 fractions, pyrolysis gasoline, aromatics, etc..

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