Maleic Anhydride


The maleic anhydride process offered by CONSER is a gas phase catalytic oxidation process using normal butane as feedstock. Thanks to an advanced reaction system integrated with a patented process of recovery and purification, the technology can be regarded as highly advanced and modern.
The technology of reaction has been substantially improved resulting in better yields and high productivity.
The recovery and purification system employs a readily available solvent and adopts unique features which result in high yield of recovery, low energy requirements, no regular shutdown and clean-outs, minimum environmental impact and high and consistent quality of the product.
The process is proven in units in production totalizing more than 300.000 T/Y of capacity.


Company Location Capacity T/y Note
TECHCORP  Iraq  12000  
PANTOCHIM  Belgium  30000  
PANTOCHIM Belgium 70000 (Expansion)
BAYER  USA 55000 (Solvent recovery and product purification)
PANTOCHIM Belgium 120000 (Expansion)
EURODIOL Belgium 150000  
TUHA China 20000 (Solvent recovery and reaction gas recycle)
SANWEI China 100000 (From Benzene)
YYPC China 2x60000  



The CONSER/PANTOCHIM process consists of the following main steps:
• Reaction
• Maleic anhydride recovery and purification
• Off gas disposal


The chemical equation for the main reaction in the catalytic oxidation of n-butane to maleic anhydride is as follows:

MAN formula1

The main side reactions are the oxidation of n-butane to carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water, according to the following equations:

MAN formula2

The reactor is of the fixed bed type and can be designed for optimum conditions of conversion, selectivity and productivity.

Maleic anhydride recovery and purification

The maleic anhydride contained in the reactor off-gases is recovered by selective absorption in a readily available organic solvent.
Crude maleic anhydride is recovered from the solvent in a stripper.
The crude product is further purified in a proprietary continuous distillation system.
A portion of the recycled solvent is treated in a simple solvent purification system where high boiling impurities are removed.

Off gas disposal

After the removal of maleic anhydride, the off gases of reaction may be sent to an incinerator or to other disposal systems.
A fraction of the off gases may be recycled to the reactor in order to improve the overall yield of conversion of butane.


























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